Engelsk undervisning med fokus på lytning

Dear fellow students. When I had to write my first profession essay, I took great advantage of others’ exemplary work. I felt both guided and inspired by reading through them and I hope my essay will have the same effect on you, should you need it.

My research included theory from ADDU, AUK, and English which gave me the opportunity to include multiple theories to create my lesson plan and to analyze the outcome. I especially focused on Oettingen’s pedagogical paradoxes, Meyer’s characteristics of good teaching, Freden’s inclusion of creativity in our lessons, and Gibbon’s theories on scaffolded language acquisition.

My research question went like this: How do you plan, complete, and evaluate an English lesson where the pupils divided into groups will practice listening through the activity ‘Map Games’, a content-based learning activity featuring the information gap?    

I focused on using the English language and listening as the means for my pupils to obtain new knowledge and acquire new linguistic skills. We did so, by playing multiple versions of the listening activity game ‘Map Games’, where I scaffolded new knowledge onto the pupils’ pre-existing knowledge. As the game become more and more communicatively explicit, it ultimately became successful rounds of gameplaying.


Mange hilsner

Benita Minka Bünger